For us, quality means the satisfaction of customers, and ensuring it is a top priority for the company management and all employees who are aware that it is a critical factor for the continued success of the company.

Quality Policy of "Asmet" sp. z o.o.

The objective of Asmet is to be a flexible, efficient, customer-oriented and environmental friendly organisation where the personnel, suppliers and partners cooperate to maintain the leading position on the market for fasteners and fastening technology by implementing the Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System in compliance with PN-EN ISO 9001:2015-10 and PN-EN ISO 14001:2015-09.
We want to retain our position as the leading supplier of fasteners by offering customers products and services with a quality that will encourage them to return to us when they next need to make a purchase.
Our aim is to meet the expectations of customers and build such trust that choosing to use our services is a conscious decision that ensures maximum benefits by:

  • quick response to customer needs,
  • wide range of products and stable technological parameters,
  • continuous extension of the offered product range,
  • production of non-standard fasteners,
  • completion and timely execution of deliveries,
  • application of a flexible pricing policy,
  • easy access to comprehensive information about products.

Quality means for us the satisfaction of customers, and ensuring it is a top priority for the company management and all employees who are aware that it is a critical factor for the continued success of the company.
To achieve this goal, we:

  • Develop awareness that every employee is responsible for quality,
  • improve the working methods and qualifications of our personnel,
  • conduct investment activities to improve the sales, storage and production processes and to supervise and control them in a systematic way,
  • undertake initiatives and capital measures for the implementation of new technologies using the achievements of Polish Science by cooperation with universities and research and implementation institutions,
  • expand business contacts with foreign partners specialising in fasteners, in order to diversify our assortment,
  • have in place the Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System in compliance with PN-EN ISO 9001:2015-10 and PN-EN ISO 14001:2015-09 as a customer trust development instrument,
  • maintain full compliance with applicable standards and regulations,
  • strive to meet all customer requirements,
  • review the effectiveness of management and continue to improve it.

Reguly, 15 March 2018

Environmental, Health and Safety Policy of "Asmet" sp. z o.o.

One of the objectives of Asmet is to organise its activities in an environmentally friendly way. In order to achieve this strategic objective, we are going to:

  • comply with the EU and national environmental, health and safety regulations,
  • pursue the continuous improvement of occupational safety at workplaces through the implementation of state-of-the-art technical, technological and organisational solutions,
  • prevent work accidents and occupational diseases, monitor near-miss incidents and respond to them, improve the professional qualifications of employees,
  • prevent pollution of individual environmental components:
  • minimise energy consumption and reduce negative environmental impacts,
  • optimise the management of waste and packaging,
  • use the available new techniques when launching investment tasks, taking into account the economic and environmental approach,
  • conduct continuous training to increase the environmental awareness of the personnel,
  • use the ideas and proposals of employees and their commitment to the occupational health and safety,
  • develop partner relationships with environmentally friendly partners,
  • provide means to implement the environmental, health and safety policy objectives,
  • apply and improve the mechanisms of the Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System as the instruments to build trust of all concerned parties to our company.

Reguly, 1 March 2016

Quality and Environmental Policy of FŚ Bispol SP. Z O.O.

Being aware that the high quality of products and services guarantees the future of our company, the President of the Management Board of FABRYKA ŚRUB BISPOL SP. Z O.O. declares to satisfy customer expectations through the manufacturing and provision of top quality products and services, and by meeting the demand to comply with legal requirements concerning environmental protection.
To this end, the Integrated Management System based on the model compliant with ISO 9001:2015, IATF 16949:2016 and ISO 14001:2015 and described in the Integrated Management System Book has been implemented to provide the basis for maintaining the high quality of products and services while minimising their environmental impact. All activities are based on the continuous improvement method.


  • strives to be the leader in the quality of products and services, following the principle that the requirements and satisfaction of our customers and the concern for the environment are always the highest priority;
  • supervises and improves the functioning processes to improve the quality and reduce the consumption of natural resources, including water and electricity;
  • will strive to continuously improve the technological processes and raise awareness of the company’s personnel to improve the quality and implement the environmental plans it has committed to;
  • ecologically manages production materials and waste;
  • uses the “Zero Defects” method in the manufacturing process, which means that any noticed defect will trigger actions to eliminate it in the future;
  • monitors the functioning processes using methods such as FMEA, SPC, and other statistical methods, to strive for continuous improvement in quality and take care of the environment.

As the President of the company, I am responsible for the provision of necessary means and undertake to ensure that the objectives related to the integrated management policy are achieved and maintained in a planned manner at all levels of the organisation.