The Asmet Group has been supplying fasteners to a number of industries and sectors of the economy for many years now. We are able to serve any customer according to its individual needs and special requirements. Our own production facilities, the wide range of products: 80,000 SKUs we offer, including 40,000 items available from the warehouse and the qualified engineering and technical personnel are all advantages of the Asmet Group.
We are able to make drawing-based products according to customer documentation – from a single piece to large-scale serial production. The dimensional range of our products is as follows:

  • turned products: threads from M6 to M400x8, lengths of up to 6000 mm;
  • upset products: threads from M3 to M16, lengths of up to 160 mm;
Bolting assemblies for the construction industry

We are a manufacturer of bolting assemblies for non-preloaded applications in accordance with PN-EN 15048. As a manufacturer of bolting assemblies, we have the Factory Production Control certificate issued by UDT-CERT.
Since 1998, Asmet has been a distributor of HV bolting assemblies for preloading. We offer HV assemblies according to PN-EN 14399-1 (Class K1 and K2) from renowned manufactures: August Friedberg GmbH and Korea Parts & Fasteners (KPF). Since 2004, as a co-manufacturer of steel structures supplying fasteners and accessories for steel structures, we have been certified by the Polish Chamber of Steel Structures which we are a member of. We render services to the largest companies in the construction and building sector, both Polish and foreign ones.

Bolts for the power industry and for pressure equipment

We manufacture special bolts for the power industry (turbines) and for pressure equipment (pipelines, boilers, tanks). We are a certified manufacturer of materials/components for pressure equipment in accordance with Directive 2014/68/EC and AD 2000-Merkblatt W0. We have extensive experience in the processing of different steel grades and special alloys. We offer alloy steel products made of:

  • stainless and corrosion-resistant steels
  • heat resistant steels and heat resistant alloys
  • steels for operation at elevated temperatures
  • non-ferrous alloys and others.
Fasteners for the automotive industry

We cooperate with companies in the automotive industry. Our factory in Bielsko-Biala has the Quality Management System for manufacturing bolt products and fasteners, certified according to IATF 16949:2009. Our heat treatment line is certified for compliance with AIAG CQI-9 specification and the electroplating line is certified for compliance with AAA specification.

A2 and A4 stainless steel products

We offer stainless steel and acid-proof steel products that are sold on a continuous basis.
We have in stock fasteners and technical items (ropes, chains, thimbles, shackles and much more) made of A2 stainless steels and A4 acid-proof stainless steels.
On request, we can also offer products made of stainless steels from other groups (austenitic: A1, A3, A5, martensitic or ferritic). In our manufacturing plants, we produce drawing-based products according to customer documentation using the steel grades specified by the customer.

Bolt products for the mechanical engineering industry

We have been supplying fasteners for the mechanical engineering industry for 30 years now. Our products are present on assembly lines for tractors, harvesters, trailers, seeders, drills and other machines not only in Poland, but also in many European countries (e.g. Germany, Austria, Belgium, Great Britain) and in the Americas. We also make supplies directly to the assembly lines of our customers using our own logistic solutions. For more than 15 years, we have been implementing and improving delivery systems based on the Kanban and JIT philosophies.