The Asmet Group is a leader in the fastener industry in Poland. We have gained a huge amount of experience during our 30 years in the industry. In addition to a very wide range of products, we offer our customers logistics solutions tailored to the needs, which we are able to implement in accordance with the expectations and specific nature of their industry. Our business credo is: At Asmet, the customer is always at the fore – we deliver fasteners with the quality, quantity, assortment and in the time frame requested by the customer.

The Asmet Group includes:

  • “Asmet” sp. z o.o. – one of the largest production and trading companies in Poland which provides comprehensive customer service in the field of standard and special products manufactured in its own manufacturing plant located in Reguly. The company operates in accordance with ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO14001 (environment) standards and is also authorised by the State Office of Technical Inspection (UDT) and TÜV Nord for the production of equipment subject to approval by these inspection authorities
  • Fabryka Śrub Bispol sp. z o.o. – a manufacturer of fasteners which has state-of-the-art machinery, technical equipment, and control and measurement instrumentation. BISPOL has the Quality and Environmental Management System which has been certified by ISO standards and the IATF 16949 certificate for deliveries to the automotive industry.
  • Unibolt A/S – a company founded in 1899 as a local manufacturer of standard bolts and rivets based in Vejle, Denmark. Today, a leading Danish manufacturer of screws, bolts, rivets, bolts and other cold-formed fasteners – a supplier of products for many industries, mainly for the automotive and agriculture.
  • LS Asmet sp. z o.o. – a company responsible for investment projects and the management of the Asmet Group’s assets

Today, Asmet has:

  • logistic distribution centre
  • 4 local warehouses
  • 3 manufacturing plants
  • electroplating plant
  • 7 own outlets and more than 300 local distributors
  • own test and measurement facilities, fleet of delivery trucks, modern IT systems, and logistic and IT solutions dedicated to different industries (JiT, Kanban)

Our Group was founded, and uninterruptedly developed and managed by the Sajnaga family. As a family company, we focus on values such as: honest relationships, mutual respect and kindliness in our business activity. The Asmet brand has been built on such grounds and these values, despite the changing world, have remained constant for more than 30 years and determine our strength. At present, we have almost 500 highly qualified employees, half of which are engineers or technicians. All of them continue to improve their professional skills and actively participate in the continuous improvement of the Asmet Group’s commercial, manufacturing, logistic and supporting processes, which also affect the quality of our work.

Our greatest competitive advantage in today’s market is the fact that we rely on three business pillars: we manufacture standard and special products, we are one of the largest distributors of fasteners in Poland and we have a huge logistics centre on the A2 motorway near Warsaw where we can store over 20,000 tons of goods and offer over 80,000 SKUs including more than 40,000 warehouse items that are always in stock.

Asmet w Regułach
Centrum Logistyczne Moszn-Parcela
Asmet w Regułach