Unibolt A/S joined the ASMET Group

Unibolt A/S


March 31, 2022 Unibolt S/A joined the ASMET Group. Unibolt A/S was founded in 1899 as a local manufacturer of standard bolts and rivets located in Vejle, Denmark on  11.000 sqm. modern buildings. Today it produces more than 1.000 different cold formed standard parts as well as special parts of which 90% goes to export.

In order to meet the demands of its customers Unibolt carries in stock a wide range of standard agricultural bolts such as DIN 608, 604, 603, DS 6007, ISO 5713 and many others. Additionally it also carries in stock a wide range of clevis pins and wheel bolts.

In addition to its stock programme it also produce other coldformed parts according to specific customer design and specifications, in the following area:

  • Steel up to grade 12.9 incl. carburizing
  • Diameters from 6-24 mm, length from 10-160 mm
  • All kind of surface protections