We are increasing the range of offered products! A machine enabling the production of screws up to M24 and lengths up to 200 mm is already available at Fabryka Śrub Bispol S.A.!

The new machine FIVE DIE COMBINED HEADER Model SP58-CR/300  is equipped with forging,  pointer and rolling stations. It allows to produce screws up to M24 (shank length 200 mm, of which 100 mm of thread max.), both standard (according to PN, DIN, ISO standards) and special screws made according to drawings. Highly efficient and precisely designed, the machine represents the newest technology in the field. It features the FOUR ROLL WIRE FEEDER with adjustable pneumatic clamping of feed rolls and Brushless motor (patented S-Feed System). Automatic adjustment from operator panel of the feed length and of the wire stop gauge.

COMPUTERIZED CONTROL SYSTEM “SC-MATIC-TOUCHSCREEN” FOR AUTOMATION OF ADJUSTMENTS and input of data. The system has a memory capacity for all the adjustments indicated below for thousands of part codes. A touchscreen video terminal is located at the operator’s workstation to be utilized for the initial data input and to display all relevant information regarding the adjustments. The video terminal also displays all the positioning and length adjustment information regarding each single code, including all general information and warnings.

It is possible to perform the necessary correction for the individual adjustments of the machine to eliminate tool construction errors, without ever loosing the initial preset values stored in the system’s memory. The machine is known for its high productivity and reliability, it is a great asset in modern production operations.

Essential parameters:

– production range: from M12 to M24

– capacity: from 60 to 120 pcs/min.

– the class of used materials: from 4.6 to 12.9

– length range: from 35 mm to 200 mm, thread max. 100 mm